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Vestavia Hills High School Habitat for Humanity is incredibly proud to present Love Your Neighbor Week. Love Your Neighbor Week (LYNW) is a week-long community outreach project designed to pour love and support into our city. It’s meant to help you show your support and love for your neighbors, community helpers, church, restaurants, grocery stores, ice cream shops, flower shops, and everything in between.

We've designed a set of events and opportunities for everyone to be a part of and show your support for our community. You might notice that not everything we do raises money for Habitat. This is intentional. It was important to us from the start to make sure, first and foremost, that we were taking care of those who make our community flourish. VHHS Habitat's mission is "Become a faithful community steward by serving others and doing small things with great love." Together we can be a positive force in our community. So, join us: Love Your Neighbor Week is just the beginning.

October 24th-November 4th 2020


Flower Bomb

Presented by: Flower Betty

Order by calling: (205) 413-6965

This beautiful floral arrangement is nestled inside a bubble bowl. Give your neighbor, friend, pastor, co-worker a little happy by surprising them with one delivered right to their front door. You can send this arrangement to whomever you want! This event is designed to spread joy throughout our community.

The cost of each arrangement is $45 and can be purchased by calling Flower Betty!

Favorite Restaurant Night

Coming soon

Each of the restaurants below have generously supported us! Pick your favorite and head out to support them!

Make sure to tag us in all your social media posts!!

Instagram: @vhhshabitatforhumanity

Facebook: @vestaviahabitat

Sign Your Neighbor

Presented by: Weezabi

Spread a little sunshine to your friend or neighbor by sending a friendly yard sign their way.

Signs cost $25, order below!

(You can always buy them for yourself, too!)

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Love Your Community Servant

Presented by: Shades Mountain Baptist Church, Chick-Fil-A Vestavia Hills, and Milo's Hamburgers

Sign up to brighten a first responders day:

Their job is never easy. Show your love to first responders throughout our community! Find out how you can help out through the link above.

Support a Favorite Business Day

Coming soon

Vestavia has some of the best local vendors and businesses in our state. Support your favorite from the list of our sponsors below and show them some love!

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Love Your Neighbor Week T-shirts

Presented by: Weezabi

Order your Love Your neighbor week t-shirt above! A portion of the profits will go to VHHS Habitat!

Shirts cost $22, click the link above to purchase!

Event Leadership

Nathaniel Bass

President - VHHS Habitat

Chair of Love Your Neighbor Week

Contact: nathanielbass@vhhshabitat.org

Rebecca Chow-Wah

Director of Social Engagement - VHHS Habitat

Chair of Love Your Neighbor Week

Contact: rcw3303@gmail.com

Molly Steur

Vice President - VHHS Habitat

Chair of Love Your Neighbor Week

Contact: mollysteur@vhhshabitat.org

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